HCR #218 Liam Scheff: Vaxxed, Global Collapse and the Cult of Science


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This week’s guest: Liam Scheff

This week’s episode of Health Conspiracy Radio features Liam Scheff.  Liam is a journalist, radio host and most frequent guest on HCR.  Liam is author of the amusing and highly-praised “Official Stories,” a reverse-textbook for all the myths we were taught in school (because “official stories exist to protect officials”). And stay tuned for Official Stories 2: American Heretic, coming soon.

Questions addressed include:

  • Why did the movie Vaxxed get pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival?
  • Does the movie Vaxxed actually address what are in vaccines?
  • Did censoring the film essentially bring more attention to the vaccine issue?
  • Is advocating for “safe vaccines” a cop out and playing politics?
  • Is the global community on the road to collapse leading to total catastrophe?
  • Has “science” morphed into a cult for some people?

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