HCR #220 Zion of Heart Union: Spirituality, Healing and Veganism


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This week’s guest: Zion of Heart Union

This week’s episode of Health Conspiracy Radio features Zion of Heart Union!  Zion’s work shares with you her knowledge and experience in becoming the Best version of Yourself! Improving your general Well-Being at all levels, the many benefits of a Vegan lifestyle, self-growth and Spirituality.  You can find out more about her and enlightening work on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and her blog.

Questions addressed include:

  • Can eating plant-based help cure depression?
  • Is there an underlying coding that creates reality?
  • Is there value in finding and defining your life’s purpose?
  • How does one go about working on their inner child?
  • Are we enslaved by time?
  • What is a great way to measure our spirituality?

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