HCR #221 Ruby Roth: Why We Don’t Eat Animals


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This week’s guest: Ruby Roth

This week’s episode of Health Conspiracy Radio features Ruby Roth!  Featured on CNN, FOX, Today, and other major media outlets, Ruby Roth is an artist and the world’s leading author and illustrator
of vegan and vegetarian books for children.  Ruby’s new book The Help Yourself Cookbook is available now.

Questions addressed include:

  • What caused Ruby Roth to get off of animal products?
  • Can you truly be spiritual and still eat dead animals?
  • How does Ruby Roth deal with her anger and rage from her activism?
  • Should we be honest with children about how animals are treated?
  • How did Ruby begin writing children’s vegan books?
  • What are some of her favorite recipes from her new cookbook?

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